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lynn | she/her | 22

hello! i'm a college student focusing on visual development and project management in animation. in my free time, i like to doodle and drink boba ♥i get really busy with the school + retail job wombo combo, but feel free to dm me or contact me on my social media if you have a question regarding 1) my commission status, 2) my shop, 3) any zine projects i'm modding! i'm happy to give you all updates on anything ^^anxiety + ADHD gang ☆⌒(*^-゜)v

zine work

Destination DespairFinance ModNov 2022Complete
WLW Genshin ZineOrganization ModDec 2022Complete
Luka ZineFinance ModDec 2022Leftovers
Shadow ZineHead ModAugust 2022Shipping
Live & LearnShipping ModAugust 2022Creation
  • Page Artist Roles: We Gacha Zine, DR Ultimate Vacation Zine, Smile (Mahiru Zine), Condensed Light (Ningguang Zine), Here is a Brighter Garden (DDLC Zine), Seeds of Hope (Makoto & Komaru Zine), Once Upon a Time (Miraculous Fantasy AU Zine), Jan-Ken-Pon! (Saioumota Zine), Tokyo Mew Mew Zine Vol. 2, DR 80s Mall Zine, Idolatry (Sayaka Zine)

  • Merch Artist Roles: DR Ultimate Vacation Zine, Smile (Mahiru Zine), Richest Heart of All (Tenmiko Zine)



dangan..... ronpa ...? (hyperfixation LOL)

my favorite game to draw for is drv3! my favorite character is shuichi saihara, but i also love rantaro amami, komaru naegi, sonia nevermind, and kyoko kirigiri!i mainly ship saiouma and saimatsu, but i'm definitely a multishipper (for drv3 especially)! some of my other favorite ships are irumatsu, saimota, amamatsu, amasai, amamota, tokomaru, kaemaki, tl;dr anyone with shuichi at this point ksjdfkjds also my favorite rarepair is sairuma!!!i also write some drv3 aus from time to time and occassionally make art for it! i love aus and someday i will be confident enough to post finished works to ao3 jldsjfad

other interests

★ sonic ★
★ kpop ★
☆ monsta x ☆
☆ wonho ☆
☆ red velvet ☆
☆ itzy ☆
☆ aespa ☆
★ fire emblem three houses ★
★ tokyo mew mew ★
★ genshin impact ★
★ miraculous ladybug ★
★ madoka magica ★
★ rwby ★

look at these!