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lynn | she/her | 22

hello! i'm a college student focusing on visual development and project management in animation. in my free time, i like to doodle and drink boba ♥i get really busy with the school + retail job wombo combo, but feel free to dm me or contact me on my social media if you have a question regarding 1) my commission status, 2) my shop, 3) any zine projects i'm modding! i'm happy to give you all updates on anything ^^anxiety + ADHD gang ☆⌒(*^-゜)v

zine work

Destination DespairFinance ModNov 2022Complete
WLW Genshin ZineOrganization ModDec 2022Complete
Luka ZineFinance ModJan 2023Complete
Shadow ZineHead ModAug 2023Shipping
Live & LearnShipping ModAug 2023Manufacturing
Sonia ZineGraphics ModAug 2023Creation
  • Page Artist Roles: Here is a Brighter Garden (DDLC Zine), Seeds of Hope (Makoto & Komaru Zine), Once Upon a Time (Miraculous Fantasy AU Zine), Jan-Ken-Pon! (Saioumota Zine), Tokyo Mew Mew Zine Vol. 2, DR 80s Mall Zine, Idolatry (Sayaka Zine), Sandwich Zine, MX Girls Zine, New Game+ (Chiaki Zine), Sonic & Shadow Zine, Ladrien Zine, DR WLW Zine, Lucy Heartfilia Zine, DR B-Day Zine

  • Merch Artist Roles: Richest Heart of All (Tenmiko Zine)



dangan..... ronpa ...? (hyperfixation LOL)

my favorite game to draw for is drv3! my favorite character is shuichi saihara, but i also love rantaro amami, komaru naegi, sonia nevermind, and kyoko kirigiri!i mainly ship saiouma and saimatsu, but i'm definitely a multishipper (for drv3 especially)! some of my other favorite ships are irumatsu, saimota, amamatsu, amasai, amamota, tokomaru, kaemaki, tl;dr anyone with shuichi at this point ksjdfkjds also my favorite rarepair is sairuma!!!i also write some drv3 aus from time to time and occassionally make art for it! i love aus and someday i will be confident enough to post finished works to ao3 jldsjfad

other interests

★ sonic ★
★ kpop ★
☆ monsta x ☆
☆ wonho ☆
☆ red velvet ☆
☆ itzy ☆
☆ aespa ☆
★ persona 5 ★
★ fire emblem three houses ★
★ tokyo mew mew ★
★ miraculous ladybug ★
★ madoka magica ★
★ rwby ★

look at this!